Important Dates

Fulbright Applicant Workshop:
4:00pm/Aug 21/HSF 3008
Mitchell Graduate Fellowship:
Mitchell Campus Deadline: Aug 27
Mitchell National Deadline: Sept 27
Marshall Graduate Fellowship:
Marshall Campus Deadline: Aug 27
Marshall National Deadline: Sept 30
Rhodes Graduate Fellowship:
Rhodes Campus Deadline: Aug 27
Rhodes National Deadline: Oct 2
Fellowships for Graduate Studies in Math, Science, and Engineering Workshop:
2:30pm/Aug 27/HSF 3008
Fulbright ETA Campus Deadline—Aug 28
Fulbright Study/Research Campus Deadline—Aug 29
Fulbright National Application Deadline—Oct 8
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Workshop:
3:00pm/Aug 28/HSF 3008
Gilman Scholarship Workshop:
2:30pm/Aug 29/HSF 3008
Fellowships for International Affairs and National Security Workshop:
5:00pm/Aug 29/Claude Pepper Building, Broad Auditorium
Undergraduate Studies in Math, Science, and Engineering Workshop:
1:00pm/Sept 11/HSF 3008
Pickering Graduate Fellowship:
Deadline: Sept 17
Language Studies Fellowships Workshop:
1:00pm/Sept 18/HSF 3009
Rangel Graduate Fellowship:
Deadline: Sept 24
Schwarzman Graduate Fellowship:
Deadline: Sept 26
Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship:
Spring 2020 Deadline: Oct 1
Fall 2020 Deadline: Jan 6
Gilman Spring Deadline: Oct 1
Gilman Early Summer Deadline: Oct 1
Gilman Regular Summer Deadline: Mar 3
Gilman Fall/Academic Year Deadline: Mar 3
Knights-Hennessy Graduate Fellowship:
Deadline: Oct 9
Summer Program Fellowships:
1:00pm/Oct 16/HSF 3008
Life Sciences/Geosciences—Oct 21
Computer Science & Engineering/Engineering/Materials—Oct 22
Psych/Social Sciences/STEM Education—Oct 24
Chemistry/Math/Physics/Astronomy—Oct 25
Summer STEM Research Opportunities:
1:00pm/Oct 30/HSF 3008
Payne Graduate Fellowship:
Deadline: Nov 1
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP):
Deadline: Nov 1
Soros Fellowship:
Deadline: Nov 1
DAAD Study Scholarship:
Deadline: Nov 4
Truman Campus Deadline: Nov 6
Truman National Deadline: Feb 4
CBYX Young Professionals:
Deadline: Dec 1
Goldwater National Deadline: Jan 31
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