Important Dates


  • January 8th: Coro Fellowship: Explore cross-sector issues with U.S. cities as your classroom | More Info 
  • January 31st: Hollings Scholarship: Study oceanic and atmospheric science and intern at a N.O.A.A. facility | More Info 
  • February 1st: Amgen Scholars Program: Summer research opportunity at one of 24 cutting-edge research institutions | More Info 
  • February 1st: Boren Scholarship: Spend up to a year studying a critical language abroad | More Info 
  • February 1st: Southern Education Leadership Initiative (SELI): Summer internship towards advancing racial equity and improving K-college education | More Info 
  • February 7th: Rangel Summer Enrichment: Prepare for an international affairs career in Washington, D.C. | More Info 
  • February 7th: Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute: Cultivate a more global perspective in the U.K. | More Info 
  • February 8th: Udall Scholarship (FSU campus deadline): Commitment to issues related to Native American Nations or the environment | More Info 
  • February 12th: Project Horseshoe Farm Gap Year Fellowship: Gain hands-on experience in community healthcare | More Info 
  • February 14th: Humanity in Action: Study the roots of discrimination in cities across the globe | More Info 
  • February 15th: Florida Gubernatorial Fellowship: Work with top leaders in key areas of state government | More Info 
  • February 28th: Pat Tillman Scholarship: Empowering veterans, active duty service members, and military spouses as leaders committed to service beyond self | More Info 
  • March 1st: James Madison Memorial Fellowship: Support for graduate study that focuses on the constitution and contemporary relevance | More Info 
  • March 9th: Gilman Scholarship: If you are a Pell-grant recipient, spend up to a year abroad | More Info 


*All workshops will be offered as hybrid events, unless otherwise noted. They will take place over Zoom and in HSF 3008. Please still register if you plan to attend in person. Thank you!*

  • January 12th @ 1:00 PM ET - Gilman & Freeman-ASIA Scholarships | Register Here
  • January 18th @ 3:00 PM ET – Summer Fellowships: Gilman, US-UK, NSF-REU, Freeman-Asia, HIA, Rangel Summer, Amgen | Register Here
  • January 23rd @ 11:00 AM ET - Fulbright U.S. Student Program: General Presentation Session | Register Here 
  • January 24th @ 10:00 AM ET - Fulbright Programs Workshop: Academic Grants | Register Here
  • January 25th @ 11:00 AM ET - Fulbright Programs Workshop: Arts and Creative Projects Register Here
  • January 26th @ 1:30 PM ET - Fulbright Programs Workshop: English Teaching Assistantships | Register Here
  • January 27th: 10 AM - Noon ET - Fulbright U.S. Student Program: Open Advisor Office Hours | IN-PERSON EVENT - HSF 3008 
  • February 28th @ 3:30 PM ET – Fellowships for 1st and 2nd Year Students | Register Here
  • March 2nd @ 3:00 PM ET – Graduate Study in the U.K.: Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright | Register Here
  • March 8th @ 11:00 AM ET – Personal Statement Writing Workshop | IN-PERSON EVENT - HSF 3008
  • March 28th @ 3:00 PM ET – Public Service Fellowships: Truman, HIA, PPIA | LINK COMING SOON
  • April 12th @ 3:30 PM ET – Personal Statement Writing Workshop | IN-PERSON EVENT - HSF 3008
  • April 13th @ 3:00 PM ET – Fulbright Programs Workshop: Overview of Campus Guidelines & Expectations | Register Here
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