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The Ideal Candidate

As Florida State University Faculty and Advisors, you get the privilege of working with this university's most outstanding students. Our office depends on your help to identify these qualified applicants and make them aware of the exciting world of competitive fellowships. Our students deserve these opportunities for enrichment, and we want to help them win them. When you meet a student who is truly outstanding and has an interest in pursuing a fellowship, please refer them to us!

What makes a student a qualified applicant differs from one fellowship to another, but in general, a candidate is competitive if they have the following attributes:

  • Academic Excellence. The highest GPA does not always win the fellowship, but since most fellowships are academic awards, good grades and challenging coursework are very important.
  • Intellectual Curiosity. Learning should extend beyond the classroom door. The student should have experience with or show potential for independent research and study. He/She should be well read, well aware of current events, and articulate. The student should be able to engage in vigorous intellectual discussion and debates.
  • Sense of Purpose. The student should be civic-minded, introspective, and have confidence in his/her potential to make change happen. They should feel compelled to play an active role in the betterment of society with a clear vision of what their role will be.
  • Determination. The student should have a clear vision of their long-term goals as well as the initiative and drive to achieve them. He/She should not be easily discouraged.
  • Genuine Intent. The student should be motivated by their personal goals and, ideally, the fellowship's mission; not just money.

Our office helps students to match their individual qualifications to existing fellowship opportunities by reflecting on their experiences and accomplishments, identifying their future goals, and learning more about individual fellowships.

Through workshops and intensive mentoring, we help students to:

  • Manage the sometimes daunting application process
  • Prepare application materials
  • Communicate effectively at fellowship interviews

These and other important resources help students to be more competitive fellowship applicants and grow from the fellowship experience.

Contact our office to get started today!

D. Craig Filar
Assistant Dean, Director of National Fellowships
Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House
127 Honors Way
Suite 3002
Tallahassee, FL 32306

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